Based on 12+ years of professional experience in the offshore & marine industry I provide custom design engineering for all kinds of structures which are applicable for transport, installation, maintenance, operation and permanent purposes, such as:


Sea Fastening structures, lifting tools, installation aids, marine & ship structures, special technical solutions and general structures.

As part of the design process or based on a specific analysis request I assess the structural integrity from single parts to large & complex structures. Depending on the structure and requirements, the structural analysis is based on manual calculations, finite element analyses or mostly on a mixture of both.


As the result of my analyses clients receive a detailed report which is assessable for certification purposes.

Bolts are the most commonly used connections for e.g. steel structures where the line of force is perpendicular to the bolt axis. Especially for the purpose of sea fastenings the usage of bolts is very practical.


However, bolt connections are matter of thorough engineering and should always be seen as critical members. Especially for the re-usage of bolts, e.g. as part of repetitive sea fastenings, a detailed design analysis is required.

Based on many years of professional experience in different roles, such as Marine Warranty Surveyor, Marine & Structural Engineer, Naval Architect, Offshore Manager and Client Representative, I provide consulting for the planning and execution of marine operations and the corresponding engineering from the early stage of a project until execution and termination.

In my profession as a Naval Architect & Ocean Engineer I provide corresponding engineering services and consulting from vessel structural issues to ship theory. My clients are usually shipowners, freight forwarders, project companies and insurers. In this role I also carry out inspections and supervision of works on site to ensure a successful and safe execution.

I carry out various types of surveys for the offshore & marine industries. In my role as a Warranty Surveyor, I supported in the past 10+ years many clients and projects to success.


Insurers demand Marine Warranty review and attendance for the transportation and installation of valuable structures. My ideology is a proactive service concept to ensure clients the best benefit in conjunction with the required level of safety.